Contracting Made Simple

8(a) Contracting Ease and Benefits

NHO 8(a) classification offers clear advantages to the Government

  • Contracting with Kaukahi, an NHO 8(a) company, helps to satisfy DoD’s small business and 8(a) contracting goals
  • NHO 8(a)s can receive sole source awards (up to $100M) with no competition and no prior advertisement
  • No competitive thresholds for NHO 8(a) set asides
  • Sole-source procurements to an NHO 8(a) may not be protested
  • Conversion of any activity or function of the Department of Defense under the authority to an NHO 8(a) is credited toward any competitiveness or outsourcing goal, target, or measurement


Acquisition Program Support img
Acquisition Program Support
Acquisition Program Support

Services to optimize procurement and supply networks.

  • Acquisition support services
  • Procurement contracting services
  • Material readiness support
  • Integrated Logistics Support planning
  • Business process improvement
  • Budget development and execution
  • Sustainment life cycle cost modeling
Integrated Supply Readiness img
Integrated Supply Readiness
Integrated Supply Readiness

Services designed to improve asset and infrastructure objectives.

  • Supply chain and logistics consulting
  • Supply chain resiliency
  • Portfolio management
  • Affordabiliy and cost analysis
  • Asset identification, survey, and analysis
  • Audit readiness
Digital Enablement img
Digital Enablement
Digital Enablement

Process and data integrating the supply and logistics domains.

  • Process, workflow and data unification
  • Data aggregation and analysis
  • Process modeling and maturity assessment
  • Robotic process automation solutions
  • Visualization and dashboarding
  • Digital tagging
Geospatial img
Geospatial Support Services
Geospatial Support Services

Services to gather, analyze, report, manage data.

  • Spatial data management and data analysis for upkeep and maintenance
  • Complex decision support analysis
  • Cartographic product, graphic, and report preparation
  • Global Positioning System (GPS) data collection
  • Technical application support to users of desktop GIS software and data
  • Data integration with other systems and data sources
  • Database administration, standardization, and migration
  • Hosting, updating, and managing SDSFIE compliant databases
  • Metadata maintenance and creation including FGDC and SDSFIE-M
real property img
Real Property Support Services
Real Property Support Services

Full service real property support.

  • Plant and equipment inventories and GFEBS data loading
  • Real property additions , deletions, and utility privatization support
  • Chief financial officers act (CFOA) compliance support by auditing information in GFEBS and the facility portfolio with DD1354 creation
  • Unbundle/unconsolidate assets to bring in new inventory and increase SRM funding
  • Coordinate and manage facilities surveys
  • Business operations and intervention division (BOID) support via equipment inventory inspections
master planning img
Master Planning
Master Planning

Our team of planning professionals analyze the particular nuances from our planning studies to develop a sustainable plan that will facilitate the mission and objectives of our clients into the future.


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